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4 pieces of nigiri sushi on a plate with wasabi and pickled ginger

Sushi has been around for over 1,000 years. It was first introduced as a method of preserving food by placing fish in rice to allow it to ferment until it was time to consume the fish. Later on, as this method of preserving fish become more and more popular in Japan, and people began eating the rice along with the fish by seasoning the rice and adding wine vinegar to it. Nowadays, greatly influenced by the western countries, sushi has evolved into a whole new dining experience. As demand for sushi has been steadily growing around the world, traditional sushi continues to evolve beyond what it was in the 17th century Japan. Offering some of the best sushi in San Luis Obispo, Sushi Kokku restaurants offer variety and value all rolled up in one. Conveniently located in 3 major cities throughout San Luis Obispo County, Sushi Kokku restaurants offer a large variety of sushi, rolls, tempura, bowls, salads, and udons. Known simply as sushi slo, Sushi Kokku restaurants have become the go-to place for sushi in San Luis Obispo County. 

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